IUK | College of Arts

Knowledge . Ethics . Discipline

Driven by key values listed above, the college offers five degree programs aimed at supporting socio-cultural development
through creativity, ethical innovation and liberal thinking.

College of Arts & Sciences at IUK aims to provide distinguished programs of study in the fields of mass media, communication, languages and social sciences. The college also aims to promote principles of innovative research and intellectual freedom in line with morals and values.

  • Provide a conducive learning environment which encourages students to work and create equipped with modern technology.

  • Prepare qualified graduates in the various fields of humanities, social sciences and information sciences.

  • Support the community and social institutions in Kuwait to promote responsible citizenship.

The Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the International University for Science and Technology is pleased to welcome all students of the university in all disciplines. The Faculty of Arts at the International University includes several disciplines, including the Department of English Language, the Department of Sociology and Social Service, and the Department of Media, Communication and Speech. I wish all students success in their endeavours, and urge all students to visit the university’s campus to dicover specializations and subjects. I also urge parents to visit the website to learn about the numerous opportunities offered at the university. Our programs ensure students registered in these programs are integrated into academic and cultural life, providing them with a fully enriched experience.
Peace, Mercy and Blessings of God.

Dr. Mutlaq Al-Mershad


General Degree Requirements

The College of Arts offers the Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) in the above programs where students are required to meet certain requirements for a bachelor's degree. To earn the B. A. students must complete 120 credits of courses, where 48 credit hours should be in the chosen major.

The requirements for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees are summarized as follows:

Students seeking a bachelor’s degree must complete the university core curriculum (General Education) requirements summarized below:
  • Compulsory Group (21 Credit Hours – All students)

  • Humanities, Arts, and Culture Knowledge Area (6 Credit Hours)

  • Social and Behavioral Sciences Knowledge Area (6 Credit Hours)

  • Mathematics and Natural Sciences Knowledge Area (9 Credit Hours)

All students in the College of Arts must complete 24 credit hours of the College’s requirements, as shown below. This set of courses aims to enhance students' communication and expression skills, written skills, and abilities for critical thinking and scientific research. In addition, this group promotes cultural diversity, the values of tolerance, and human rights among students and society.

Course code Course Title Credit Hours PRE-requisite CO-requisite
ARAB 230 Technical Writing in Arabic* 3 MATH 131  
INFS 335 Impact of Modern Technology on Society** 3 MATH 132  
STAT 200 Introduction to Social Statistics** 3 MATH 132  
STAT 310 Intro. to Scientific Research methods 3 MATH 233  
BUSG 230 Entrepreneurship Principles 3 PT  ENGL 100
CHEM 131L Law and Ethics 3   CHEM 131
ARTG 250 Globalization and Human Rights 3 PHYS 101  
SOCS 346 Internship and Capstone project 3   PHYS 102

* can be replaced by another approved course for non-Arabic speakers

** Arts students only


To receive a Bachelor of Arts in a certain major, students must complete the required and elective 48 credit hours in that major.
  • Major compulsory courses

  • Major elective courses

Students may select any courses offered by the university