Student Success Center

The Student Success Center (SSC) provides an innovative way to serve the IUK’s students, where all the services are provided in one place. In addition to the typical student’s services, the SSC develops a special relationship with each student. An academic advisor is assigned to follow the progress of each student and provides all the required services from admission to graduation. Hence, the SSC provides one-to-one advising services and adopts the best practices of international universities.

The main objective behind establishing SSC is to provide the students with high-quality services and, at the same time, optimize the service time and resources.

The detailed tasks of the SSC team in these main areas are listed below:

  • 1- Marketing and Students Recruitment
  • 2- Admission and Enrollment
  • 3- Academic Advising
  • 4- Retention Services
  • 5- Tutoring Sessions
  • 6- Disability Services
  • 7- Counseling Services