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Student Clubs

Becoming a member of a student organization helps you meet new people, develop leadership skills, and promote your interest while in university.

Science and Culture Club

The scientific, cultural and entertainment club brings together students of IUK to spread scientific awareness and general culture among the students.

Club’s Mission: To create the appropriate place and capabilities to highlight the students' abilities in various scientific and cultural fields, to contribute to community service and to raise awareness in all fields.

  • Scientific and cultural seminars
  • Contribute to the organization of international conferences
  • Organizing scientific and cultural competitions
  • Participation in local and international scientific competitions

Sports Club

The IUK sport club offers several sport clubs so there really is something for every student to practice and enjoy their favorite sport and activities.

IUK clubs provide our students with a wide range of activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, and padel to name a few. The clubs also represent the University at local and regional levels. To join a sports club, you can visit their location in the basement or through the below form.

Arts Club

The arts club in IUK offers a multitude of activities and workshops that enhance the skills of the students and allows them to explore their own artistic interests.

In addition to strengthening the sense of community between the students by participating in various art exhibitions.

  • Color theory
  • Sculpturing
  • Painting
  • Art exhibitions
  • Coloring day

Debates Club

The IUK debate club seeks to develop and promote the skills of the students interested in debating and public speaking. The club offers challenging and fulfilling opportunities to debate and discuss various topics and disciplines.

Entrepreneurship Club

The IUK Entrepreneurship Club is a learning-by-doing environment where students can enhance their entrepreneurship skills by developing their own business and start-up projects. They will be taught how to develop their business through weekly lectures along with gaining knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs.

Music Club

The IUK music club promotes creativity and talent amongst students by organizing shows, and performances. IUK offers practice spaces and instruments; an opportunity for students to work together and discuss music; it gives them a chance to perform and display their talents throughout the years.

The mission of the club is to develop listening and analyzing skills, and enhance the love for music; To develop organizational skills through creating bands and managing concerts .

  • Concerts
  • Events
  • Celebrations
  • Performances

Computing Club

The computing club at IUK brings together students from various backgrounds and interests to share their research and studies, organize events and workshops, promote computer science, and bring awareness in the job market.

This club is an excellent way to share information on computational tools .

  • Technology day
  • Coding games
  • Website & app development Completion
  • Robotics League

Volunteering Club

The volunteering club in IUK is a great opportunity for students to cultivate their social skills and provide help in various volunteering fields. The volunteering opportunities cater to all types of skill sets and passions, as well as providing the students with fulfilling moments.

Engineering Club

The IUK Engineering club seeks to encourage the students to engage with the engineering industry by promoting student interaction with leaders in the engineering field both on and off campus.

The club aims to provide students with opportunities to connect with engineering as a career it develops students professional growth, and applies students studies in a real world scenario.

  • engineering exhibition
  • professional meet up’s with experts
  • industrial week
  • internships with companies
  • Engineering Design Competition

Math & Science Club

The computing club at IUK brings together students from various backgrounds that are Math and Science enthusiasts in IUK and the community. They can talk about math and science, design different initiatives, solve puzzles, help others with homework and competitions.

  • Math contests
  • Science exhibition
  • Math and Science conferences
  • Math workshop
  • Math and science open day

Language Club

The IUK language club provides rich opportunities for the students to enhance their skills in multiple languages, as well as creating a diverse community where they can grow and develop together.

  • Spelling bees
  • Games like crossword and hangman
  • Culture and cities exhibitio
  • International Day

Photography Club

The Photography Club at is a platform that brings together like-minded people and share their knowledge about the art and science of Photography. The club encourages students to study different parts of the camera and the key to photo taking.

The club organises activities that give a chance to learn photography, utilise their camera to the fullest and capture their surroundings.
The club “focuses” on capturing memories forever.

  • Photo booth day
  • Tour around the city, capturing landmarks
  • Photography exhibitions and competitions