IUK | Registration Services

Registration Services

The main function of the Registration and Records department is to supervise and manage the registrations process and efficient handling of students’ documents and records. The tasks of the Registration and Records team at IUK can be summarized as follows:

  • 1- Plan and supervise the course offerings at the IUK.
  • 2- Plan and implement the course scheduling and handling the facilities scheduling (classroom, seminar rooms, theatre ...two).
  • 3- Plan and Maintain the Academic and operational calendars.
  • 4- Supervise and maintain the academic records of all the students.
  • 5- Supervise the “Student Information System” and grant roles and authority to the different stakeholders according to the university's policies and procedures.
  • 6- Implement and authenticate any change to the grades or transcripts.
  • 7- Issue the official transcripts, “to whom it may concern” and any other official documents requested by the students, parents, scholarship sponsors, and the Private Universities Council.
  • 8- Form a liaison point with the Private Universities Council (PUC) regarding the PUC reports, statistics, and graduation.
  • 9- Coordinate with other departments in the university to prepare the reports requested by the PUC, such as the financial report and enrollment planning.
  • 10- Perform degree audit and supervise and evaluate the graduation applications.
  • 11- Plan and supervise the graduation ceremonies.