IUK | Foundation Program

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Driven by key values listed above, the unit supports all colleges by ensuring that
students have the mathematical knowledge and communication skills required to participate
in undergraduate degree programs.


The Foundation Program Unit at IUK strives to prepare students for successful undertaking of degree programs of their choice. The unit aims to impart foundational level knowledge and skills in line with international best practices and degree entry requirements set by IUK.


  • Enabling students to use English language for oral and written communication.

  • Impart academic knowledge and skills necessary for university education.

  • Enhance understanding of mathematical and statistical skills.

  • Develop creative and analytical thinking among students to enable them to successfully complete their academic programs.

Foundation Programs

University Foundation Program

The University Foundation Program (UFP) at the IUK is a preparatory program that allows the students who cannot satisfy the English language and Mathematical requirements of the university. The curriculum of the UFP is designed to enhance student’s skills and develop their capabilities to proceed with their university study.

The University Foundation Program (UFP) will prepare IUK’s students and equip them with English language proficiency, communication and mathematical skills to continue their studies at IUK.

Structure of UFP

The UFP administration works through two sub-programs to ensure that all programs are administered and delivered with excellence according to the best quality standards. Additionally, the UFP supports various academic programs offered at IUK through different colleges, while supporting enrollment according to university policy.

The two sub-programs are:

The English Foundation Program is designed to develop and enhance the students' English language skills in order to register for academic programs. Once the students successfully complete the English Foundation Program, they will possess the capabilities to:

  • Communicate with the instructor and colleagues in the classroom orally or through formal presentations.

  • Understanding written and spoken university-level materials.

  • Write academic assignments according to standard American English.

The Math Foundation Program at IUK is designed to enhance students’ mathematical skills and improve their abilities to ensure their pursuing of university study. The Math Foundation Program curriculum and instructional methodologies are designed to enable students to obtain a working ability to:

  • Understand mathematical concepts symbolically and numerically.

  • Learn and understand material using standard mathematical terminology and notations.

  • Improve their skills in problem-solving techniques using standard mathematical models.

  • Apply mathematical skills to solve mathematical problems and verify the solutions.