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Academic Year 2022/2023 Admissions

PUC Scholarships.

General Terms and Conditions of the PUC Internal Scholarships are listed below. It is the responsibility of all the students to know and understand these requirements and the specific requirements as announced by the PUC. Please note that these terms are translated form the PUC websitewww.puc.edu.kw and IUK has no control over them.

1-The student must be a Kuwaiti national or sons of a Kuwaiti female citizen.

2-Should not have been granted a previous scholarship or his scholarship ended with cancellation or withdrawal.

3-Should not be an employee of any governmental agency or granted a scholarship from another agency.

4-The acceptance of the student is conditional on his study in the semester in which he was accepted. His acceptance will be canceled if not attend the college he/she accepted in.

5-The priority of admission is for students with the highest high-school GPA and within the limits of available seats for each discipline separately.

6-The student must abide by all decisions issued by the Private Universities Council.

7-The student cannot change his/her major program after the acceptance without the approval of the educational institution and the scholarship committee at the PUC.

8-The scholarship covers tuition fees and does not include late registration fees or course withdrawal fees after the deadline of the grace period at the university/college, taking into account that the remaining credits after the withdrawal are not less than the normal enrollment load.

9-The student is obliged to enroll in a full academic load (12 credits in the course system or its equivalent in other systems) unless his/her academic standing prevents him from that according to the regulations of the university/college.

10-The internal scholarship will be cancelled if the student is academically dismissed from the university/college.

Additional Terms and Conditions dictate that an application should have the high school certificate, or equivalent, within a maximum period of 26 months. The applicant should:​

1-Submit the original copy of the secondary high-school certificate.

2-The student must meet the minimum GPA of secondary high-school certificate as determined by the PUC in addition to the conditions of the private educational institution.

3-The PUC internal scholarship includes two semesters to study the foundation program without any extension.

4-The Religious Institute high-school certificate: The recipients are treated as Art track of the secondary high-school.

5-The English high-school diploma: The recipients are treated as high school graduates and the grades are given the following percentages:
A* = 100, A = 95, B = 85, C = 75, and D = 65

6-The American high-school diploma: The recipients are treated as high-school graduates (course system).

7-Students with the English/American high school certificate will be classified within the scientific track if they pass courses: mathematics (algebra 2/Calculus or pre-Calculus of American diploma), chemistry, physics, and biology. Students are considered as Art track if he/she did not pass these courses.