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Office of Research and Development (ORD)

The Office of Research and Development (ORD) is in charge of liaising research and development programs collaborating with various departments. The office formulates a supportive foundation that encourages the University's staff and students' efforts, and leads them to expand their research, knowledge, and expertise according to IUK standards and principles. The priority and considerations are towards the research and development scopes of most fields with the highest significance areas of interest, which help scholars and problem-solvers change the world. Promoting scientific research in Kuwait is the essence of IUK as an academic institution . Consequently, IUK enables researchers and faculty members to apply for external research grants under the research standards . One of the leading funding organizations is the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS), which supports and funds high-quality research that addresses significant issues of the region and contributes to its development.

Office of Research and Development Mission

The mission of the Office of Research and Development is to encourage and foster new research initiatives, creators, leaders, and good stewards of strategic research that services the community by empowering society to grow, discover, and innovate while enriching the human experience and solving society's most pressing problems.

Office of Research and Development Vision

The vision of the Centre of Research and Development as a research leader in the middle east that works across industry, academia, and the government is to enhance innovation and discovery and to provide radical, life-changing solutions.


Office of Research and Development Objectives

The Office of Research and Development has developed objectives to achieve its mission and vision:

  • Recognize, promote and build consensus with colleges, departments and units on near and long-term research opportunities and resources for further thoroughly engaging faculty's awareness of and contribution to the ORD programs and services.
  • Enhance the productivity of the faculty by supplying them with appropriate data, tools, resources, and environment.
  • Maintain, build, and invest in research infrastructure to sustain the growth of the research and development office.
  • Develop relationships with new partners locally and internationally, and intensify existing partnerships based on emerging research and innovation trends.
  • Improve the role of innovation and entrepreneurship in the term and promotion process.
  • Foster a further pervasive culture of valuing and honouring entrepreneurship and commercializing research discoveries.
  • Well-define and communicate our research and innovation strengths.
  • Develop a ten-year research and innovation areas of excellence vision.
  • Improve marketing strategies to develop global rankings.

Office of Research and Development Themes At IUK

  • 1- Learning Analytics
  • 2- AI Technology and applications
  • 3- AI in FinTech
  • 4- Metal Alloys for biomedical/ Marine Applications
  • 5- 3D printing Technology and Applications
  • 6- Medical Technologies and Advanced Materials



 For further enquiries, please contact:

IUK Office of Research and Development: vpaa@iuk.edu.kw

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences (KFAS): info@kfas.org.kw